About Us

We are a North East based recruitment agency dedicated to JUST one thing…. Finding the right job opportunity for you. 

About Us

We are a North East based recruitment agency dedicated to JUST one thing…. Finding the right job opportunity for you. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to combat the damaging effects of long-term unemployment by transforming the way recruitment is delivered. We are committed to achieving this through the provision of sustainable solutions, tailored to every client and candidate we work with.

Focussed on just ONE thing…. YOU.

Having worked in the recruitment sector for many years and with a wealth of experience under our belts, we know what works (and ultimately what doesn’t) when it comes to matching employers to employees.

Too often, agencies focus on the “placement” rather than the “people”. Not us. We invest heavily in getting to know you, whether that’s you as a business owner, or you as an individual. Because when you’re at the heart, clear and outstanding results can be achieved.

We’re agile in our approach…

Whilst the recruitment for permanent roles is a large part of our work, we’ve developed a new model to better serve the challenges of today. Our model is centred around creating as many temporary job opportunities as possible by partnering with some of the region’s most reputable organisations, in support of the damaging effects of long-term unemployment.

Amid the uncertainty of the current economic climate, many employers can’t see beyond the next six months in their order books (understandably!). The result however is that we’re faced with an increasing number of companies hesitant to take on staff, particularly for apprenticeships or permanent contracts. This presents a major gap in the recruitment market, that Trevella are committed to fill.

Our research shows that there is a direct correlation between the increase in availability of temp staff and the increase in confidence and reassurance of employers. Testament to the fact that short term contracts do lead to permanent roles and more optimistic futures!

Once a candidate is given the opportunity to get their foot in the door to really show what they’re made of, more often than not the door remains open!

This sustainable recruitment model has enabled us to make a positive and direct impact on the candidates and clients we support. While also making an even bigger impact on local communities we serve.

We’re big on Social Value

We pride ourselves on our corporate social responsibility and we work hard to offer a more sustainable and high-quality service to both the individuals and partners we work with.

We’re currently involved in a variety of initiatives that can help add value to you too. To find out more please get in touch.

Our Values


We are passionate about creating a feeling of collective community within our clients, candidates, partners and the local communities in which we physically reside. We place a high value on getting involved with local groups and initiatives that help us work towards a shared goal of sustainability, longevity and growth.


Having resilience at Trevella means having real staying power. That means we’re not going to give up when the going gets tough. We do everything we can to help our people navigate life’s hurdles and we are prepared to work through difficult situations when they arise to come out stronger on the other side!


We are committed to creating a work environment that honours and respects individuality. We recognise the unique contributions that people with different experiences, ideas and opinions can bring to the table and we use this to cultivate the growth of our people and our business as a whole.

And now?

What started as a logo and a set of core values of how a recruitment business should operate – has quickly become a well-known and highly respected agency representing the North East’s best talent and the region’s most prolific businesses.

Whether it’s getting under the skin of your business’ urgent resourcing needs, supporting your long term growth through the implementation of recruitment strategies and social value, or helping you as an individual to climb the career ladder sustainably, we’ve got JUST what you need.

Keen to find out more? You’d be crazy not to!